Available Dogs

Most dogs are located at our shelter, at 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA. However we also have dogs in foster care who are also available for adoption and are listed below the dogs at our shelter.  

How to adopt:

For animals located at the shelter, you can stop by between 10am-6pm. You will be asked to sign up on our wait list, which you can also do here before you arrive.

Please note the wait time listed is often much longer than the actual wait time so we encourage you to sign up when you are less than 30 minutes from the shelter.

You can also now fill out an adoption application for dogs before you come to the shelter!

This will expedite the process, as it allows us to have this information on hand when you arrive, as well as store it for the future! Please note that filling out an application does not place any kind of hold on an animal, nor does it guarantee an adoption. You will not be contacted after filling out an application, it will only be used if you come to the shelter for an animal you are interested in. 


Questions? E-mail us at adopt@acctphilly.org

We are now open to the public 10am-6pm daily. Masks are required indoors. 

What to bring with you on adoption day:

  • An up to date photo ID.
  • We strongly recommend bringing any resident dogs and children to meet any potential new dog family members and some dogs may require having a dog meet.
  • Adopters must bring a leash and collar.

Adoption fees:

  • Puppy (Under 6 Months): $255
  • Adult dog (6mos – 2 years): $80
  • Adult dog (2 years – 7 years) $70
  • Senior Dog (7 years or older): $25

    Please note a $16 license fee applies if living in Philadelphia

What are the benefits of your adoption?
Your adopted dog will be microchipped, provided flea preventative and dewormed, given age appropriate vaccines, and spayed or neutered – normally these services would cost a dog owner in Philadelphia more than $500! Additionally, ACCT Philly will always take a pet back into our care if you are no longer able to keep them.

Timestamped Dogs

This section lists the current, at risk, timestamped dogs. These are dogs who have become at risk for euthanasia on the date they are timestamped  due a medical or behavioral condition that is beyond ACCT’s capacity for care, physical or mental deterioration due to length of stay in the kennel environment, a lack of space to house the animals, or a combination of any of the above. We highlight these animals to draw attention to them, but these dogs may require more experienced adopters as some have certain behavioral or medical needs. These dogs are located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave.

Dogs available at our shelter

These dogs are available for adoption at our shelter, located at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave , Philadelphia PA

Dogs available in foster care

These animals are currently in foster care. They are not onsite at ACCT Philly.  If you are interested in one of these animals please reach out to the foster parent via email. If the foster has not listed a personal email, contact foster@acctphilly.org to be put in touch with the foster.