ATTENTION – Unfortunately, due to concerns about COVID 19, we’ve had to put a pause on volunteer orientations. We hope to have them up and running as soon as indicated. In the meantime, you can still help in many ways. Learn about those ways here: http://www.acctphilly.org/help/


Orientations last 1 hour. We follow every orientation with a 1 hour session called Canine Programs 101 so you can attend your initial dog walking training right after orientation. You are not required to attend Canine Programs 101 on the same day as orientation but attending it will allow you to be able to volunteer as soon as your application is approved!

Orientations can fill up quickly, and we have to keep the number of attendees to 20 so proper training can be done so please e-mail volunteer@acctphilly.org early to make sure you can attend! While we understand that people might run late, we must have all attendees in the room by 5 minutes after the beginning of orientation so vital information is not missed; if you are running late, you can always attend the next orientation!