Gingerbread – A36534659

Gingerbread – A36534659

Sugar and spice and everything nice- that’s what Gingerbread is made of!

Meet Gingerbread, a 3-ish year old pipsqueak with a happy smile and a heart that’s bigger than her tiny little frame! Gingerbread originally came to our shelter as a stray, and was adopted briefly before it was discovered that she’s not a big fan of cats (okay, so she’s not perfect!). But lucky for you she is back on the market and even has a Pen Pal- her own personal volunteer who will help her find a great home and prepare her for life outside of the shelter. Life is looking sweet for Gingerbread!

Gingerbread is a petite little girl who weighs less than 40 pounds- she is gentle and filled with love for every person she meets. She has the most adorable mismatched pointy ears- one sticks straight up and the other likes to go off to the side a bit, which only adds to her cuteness! They are ears that seem to be born for listening- to dreams, problems, corny jokes, bad date stories, deepest darkest secrets. Gingerbread will be your captive audience and closest confidant- the best girlfriend you could ask for!

Gingerbread is a smart cookie with great manners who already knows basic behavior cues like “sit”, and even some advanced ones, like “sit pretty”! She’s also become a natural at agility drills, having mastered the shelter’s A Frame in zero seconds flat (with the help of some super yummy treats, of course!). Gingerbread is also very easy to walk- this combined with her polite manners would make her a great choice for a first pet, or possibly for a home with small children.

Gingerbread has met a few dogs during her stay here, and seems to be the type of gal who likes the call the shots in her doggie relationships. She would be a-okay as an only pet, but if you do have another dog, her best fit at this time seems to be other dogs that let her be the boss. So if you have a pet that you think might be cool with that, bring them on down for a meet!

Gingerbread would love to come home with you, just in time for Christmas- she promises to help you clean dishes from all of your holiday baking! If that’s not helpful, we don’t know what is! So if you think Gingerbread might add a little spice to your life, come down to ACCT Philly today and bring her home!

Email Gingerbread’s Pen Pal, Sheri, at for more information!

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December 4, 2017