The ACCT Philly Life Saving Department enlists a network of over 200 local, regional and national Transfer Partners to transfer animals from the ACCT Philly facility to rescue organizations for treatment, training and adoption. ACCT Philly’s Transfer Partners range from breed-specific rescue organizations, to wildlife rehabilitation facilities, from small animal sanctuaries, to large no-kill shelters. Hundreds of animals are transferred each month (more than 12,000 yearly!) from ACCT Philly to Transfer Partners. In addition to a robust transfer program, ACCT Philly provides support and capacity building programs for Transfer Partners to help expand and improve animal rescue efforts. For example, transport assistance, pet food and treats, and free or discounted vet services are provided to Transfer Partners.

How to become a Transfer Partner?
Organizations wishing to become Partners must complete and submit an application package for approval. New Partners who are established and recognized in their community may receive temporary, immediate approval to transfer Level 1 and Level 2 population animals but must submit a completed application within 30 days of the initial transfer to become an approved Partner.

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