ACCT Philly Love Local Partnership Program

The ACCT Philly Life Saving Department enlists a network of over 200 local and regional non-profit animal welfare organizations (Love Local Partners) to accommodate urgent animals from the shelter who are in need of immediate and ongoing veterinary care or behavioral management. Love Local Partners are needed to alleviate overcrowding in the shelter and to provide responsible placement for animals whose current medical or behavioral condition is not manageable in a shelter setting.

ACCT Philly’s Love Local Partners range from breed-specific rescue organizations, to wildlife rehabilitation facilities, from small animal sanctuaries, to large no-kill shelters. Hundreds of animals are transferred each month (more than 12,000 yearly!) from ACCT Philly to our valued Love Local Partners.

In addition to a robust transfer program, ACCT Philly provides support and capacity building programs for Love Local Partners to help expand and improve animal rescue efforts. For example, transport assistance, pet food and treats, updated vaccinations, and free or discounted vet services are provided to Love Local Partners.

How to become a Love Local Partner?

Organizations wishing to become Partners must complete and submit an application package for approval. Before you begin, please download and read the Love Local Partner Manual.

Applicants must submit:

  •         Evidence of nonprofit status (IRS determination letter or completed Form 1023)
  •         Contact information from the primary veterinarian providing care for your organization’s animals for a reference check
  •          Contact information for two references from shelters or other rescues from which your organization currently acquires animals. If a new rescue, character references are acceptable
  •         Kennel License (if applicable)
  •        Signed Love Local Partner Manual Acknowledgement Form (For Each Representative)

Applications that do not adhere to the standard and guidelines will not be processed for approval. Every item on the application must be completed and requested documents must be submitted with the application. It is solely the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their application adheres to the standards and guidelines.

We receive an extremely high volume of applications.  This support is encouraging and uplifting, but can be time consuming to manage. With this in mind, we ask that you please apply only if you are committed to pulling a minimum of one animal a year.  Thank you for your understanding.