Shy Cats Club

What is the Shy Cats Club, and why is it at ACCT?

The Shy Cats Club is a special group of cats at ACCT that are looking for loving forever homes. The ACCT shelter receives many cats that may have recently been living on the street, or may have been traumatized by the experience of being brought into the shelter, so may be acting very shy and nervous in the new environment. Unfortunately shy, nervous, fearful or under-socialized cats are sometimes overlooked by adopters at the shelter because they tend to spend most of their time in the back of their cages, and can be a little nervous when picked up and held. When the shelter is full to capacity, shy cats are often at high risk of euthanasia since they do not present as well in their cage, so shy cats urgently need foster and adoptive homes.

Cats who are part of the Shy Cats Club are housed in a special section of cages in the Adoption area so that staff, volunteers and adopters can easily recognize their special needs, and interact with them in an especially respectful, compassionate way. While in the Shy Cats Club, these fearful cats get special one-on-one attention from volunteers to help them adjust to life in the kennels and become more social and relaxed.

Who should adopt a Shy Cat?

Shy cats can make wonderful companions, but need a special home that is willing to give them patience, time, space, socialization and extra love. Some shy cats may not be used to being inside a house, or may have never before experienced kindness from a human. Other shy cats may just need to be out of the scary shelter environment before they are relaxed enough to show you their loving personality. Shy cats benefit from owners who will gently and quietly hold, stroke and brush them. Shy cats also benefit from owners who will do exercises with them, like reading aloud to them to get them used to people and noise, and practicing lifting their paws, checking their ears and mouth, and being picked up. Don’t let these shy cats fool you though, they would love to be your companion and have a safe place to call home!

All cats adopted from the Shy Cats Club will be sent home with a packet of information about socializing a shy cat to your home and family!

What home is best for a shy cat?

Shy cats would do best in a home with a new owner who understands how and why cats can be scared or shy, and is interested in working with the cat to build its confidence and teach it to be more trusting. Shy cats would be good for a home with either no children, or with older children who are cat-savvy and interested in helping the cat come out of its shell. Shy cats would love a home that is quiet and relaxed, with a nice place to nap!

Want to meet some of the cats in the Shy Cats Club? Come visit them at the shelter any day during Adoption or Foster hours! To learn more about the Shy Cats Club, email the Life Saving Team at

“Kneady” Cats

The ACCT shelter has a number of cats who have been either waiting longer than others for an adoptive home, or are just in need of a little extra help finding an adopter. Some of these special cases may have a kitty cold, have special needs, or just don’t look so great after being on the streets. These cats are smart, fun, loving, adoptable cats that just need some extra attention and socialization to help them get adopted. The Kneady Cat Program aims to prioritize these cats’ adoptions by pairing them with a dedicated volunteer who can work one-on-one with the cat until (and after!) it is adopted! The Kneady Cat volunteers are able to do extra and enhanced marketing and promotion of the cat, spend extra time socializing the cat during its stay at ACCT, and can work with the cat’s eventual adopter to provide behavior assistance and make sure the adoption sticks! Many of the Kneady Cats are listed on the website as Featured Pets. To learn more about the Kneady Cat program, email the Cat Behavior Team at