Barn Cat Adoptions

Formerly-outdoor, or indoor/outdoor, semi-social/semi-feral cats present a huge problem for the ACCT Philly shelter because these cats are not suitable for adoption into family homes and in some cases may not have a “home territory” to return to.

In response to this problem, the ACCT Philly Life Saving Department has developed a Barn Cat program that places under-socialized cats in safe and loving placements at barns and farms or other safe locations. While not a typical adoption, the Barn Cat program puts cats who need and want homes with limited human interaction into forever homes that can give them safe & sheltered outdoor space, regular feeding, and veterinary care as needed.

All Barn Cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, “ear tipped”, and vaccinated prior to adoption/placement. ACCT Philly Life Saving staff and volunteers assist barn and farm owners in integrating the cat to its new home, and can even help with transportation from the shelter to the cat’s new home! If you have a barn or farm or other safe area and are interested in saving an urgent cat at ACCT, please email


Help us connect Barn Cats with new homes by downloading a flyer and promoting the program.