Alice came into ACCT as a stray in February 2011. Alice may have had a sad start to life, because she had never walked on a leash before and didn’t have any manners! Alice was always excited to meet new people at the shelter but her rambunctiousness and high energy was scaring away adopters. Luckily Alice was paired with a Pen Pal volunteer named Emily who did lots of work with Alice to teach her how to walk well on the leash. In addition to working with Alice at the shelter, Emily took her Pen Pal dog to many trips to the park to give her some time in nature to de-stress and get her energy out. On one sunny morning in April while Emily and Alice were at Penn Treaty Park, they met a really nice woman, and within hours, Alice was adopted! She now lives with 4 other dogs in Fishtown and is really enjoying her new yard, where she loves to play with her new siblings and tons of toys!

Kiley (formerly Blossom)

We adopted Kiley on March 18th, 2011 and have been happier each day we spend with her. Kiley currently lives with 2 cats and a chinchilla! While one kitty doesn’t pay much attention to her the other has become her friend and partner in crime and begging for treats. Kiley loves her long walks but mostly enjoys lounging on “her” chair in the living room. She loves her peanut butter filled KONG and a cow stuffed animal that no longer has the “stuff” inside. She does great with all the dogs and children in the neighborhood and people always comment on how cute she is! [collapsible_item title=”read more”]We can’t say enough great things about the Pen Pal program and how it helped us find our perfect match! The volunteers really get to know their dog and take the time to not only make sure you’re adopting the right dog, but that the dog is also going to the best home. Thank you ACCT and all the volunteers who truly make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia’s homeless pets.[/collapsible_item]

Lilly (formerly Soleil)

It has been just over 3 months since we adopted Soleil, now known as Lilly. I wanted to send you some pictures of her. She loves being a farm dog!!! She comes out with me every morning to be my assistant in feeding the horses, moving them around, and cleaning their stalls. Which is also our one-on-one play time. She is such a honey. We have three very successful adoptions from ACCT (one cat & two dogs) and would come back there to adopt again in a heart beat!

In her home now Lilly has her two dog companions Hank and Nanna (adopted from ACCT); 1 guinea pig, Flower; 1 rabbit, Princess Laura; 2 cats, Ariel (adopted from ACCT), & Alley; 4 inherited male barn cats, Glitter, Mack, Tom, and Mitten Paws (they were at our farm when we arrived–we’ve since socialized, fixed, and given them shots); 1 goat, Darla; and last but not least 6 horses Toby, Kiowa, Koty, Merlot, Wild Child, and Chief. 5 are rescues – 4 directly from the slaughter truck. So, as you can see she is surrounded by quite the funny farm of animals & she fits right in to the family. Hank and Nanna took to her immediately and she has squeezed herself right into their hearts as well.[collapsible_item title=”read more”]
We live in an area where there are still many misconceptions about pit bulls & as the owners of 3 pits, we proudly tell people all about what wonderful and incredible dogs they are with our family, friends, children, animals, and everyone they meet. We make a point to socialize our dogs in public and take them with us as key parts of our family. We have heard a lot of criticism about having pits and small children & have always tried to educate those nay-sayers about their ignorance about the breed. I told my husband I will never own anything but a rescued pit bull, and he agrees 100%. All three of ours are rescued & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy the pics. Thank you for helping us find our Lilly 🙂

Liz Lemon (formerly Noelani)

We adopted Noelani back in May and she has fit in to our family and lifestyle exceptionally well. We did make one change almost immediately – we changed her name. For whatever reason, we didn’t feel Noelani was a great fit for her. My son named her Liz Lemon after Tina Fey’s character on 30Rock. I’m not certain that fits her any better, but she knows her name now and we have so many variations (Lizzy, Elizabeth, Lemon Head, Lemon Love – you get the picture). We have two other dogs and a cat and Liz did a wonderful job of assimilating right into the pack. [collapsible_item title=”read more”]They all get a long great and she even has helped Skye, our 10 year old pit bill, stay young at heart by playing with him endlessly. She was so curious about Casey Jane, our cat, in the beginning – sniffing her and putting her paws on her. Now the two of them often sleep together and it’s the cutest thing.

We discovered this summer that she loves to swim. We took her nearly every weekend to Fairmount Park to swim in the river and it was always a challenge to get her out of the water when it was time to go home. We also took her canoeing with us and she wound up swimming down the river while we paddled. She slept soundly that night. We are also fortunate that my boyfriend can take her to work with him a couple of days a week. She has such a calm disposition. She just lays at his feet all day – happy to be around people.

Needless to say, we love her and are so happy we adopted her. Now we can’t imagine life without her.[/collapsible_item]

Luke (formerly Buka)

Two of my last three years have been spent deployed to Iraq. Half way through my second tour I was told while sitting on a base on a Syrian border, that my father has stage 4 cancer. I finished up my duty and got back on the one year mark. When I got home in late August, I was spinning. I couldn’t seem to get my head straight. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends and the sweetest girlfriend someone could want. But I just couldnt seem to identify with anyone or anything anymore. I did nothing but drink and fight. Non-stop. I was going down hill very very quickly.

The idea of adopting a dog is something I wanted to do a year and a half ago, but the threat of going back to Iraq looming kept me from doing so. I was raised with 5 dogs and hate not having one in my life, so with deploying no longer a threat I communicated to a few people I was looking to adopt. When my friend, Ray showed me the craiglist posting for Buka (now Luke), I instantly fell in love. Before I even met him, I knew I needed to bring him home. Because of you, and people like you who do such loving, self-less work with these dogs, people like me are able to find compassion and solace where there was non before. Because of you I was able to bring him home. Its been 4 weeks since he arrived here and I already cant imagine my life without him. I’m calmer, happier and just more at ease in general. I may have taken this guy home with me, but its him that rescued me. Thanks for all you do, Jim

Max (formerly Beau)

I adopted Max in December of 2010, since then Max has fit in really nice. From the start, Max always asks to go out and loves to dig holes in the yard. Max is really close to my one cat Fuzz (as seen in the picture). He is very friendly to everyone and loves tons of attention. Max has the highest vertical jump I’ve ever seen by a dog in my life. At night he jumps on my bed and waits for me to throw his personal comforter over him so he can fall a sleep. Sometimes I forget he’s under there and sit on him. Max is a great dog!

Sophie (formerly Snowy Whitaker)

Snowy Whitaker was found as a stray on Whitaker Ave in the spring of 2010. Her adopters found her through Facebook and when they met her at the shelter they fell completely in love! Snowy was adopted on August 17th 2010 and was renamed Sophie. Here is what Sophie’s mom, Alison, has to say about her: “Sophie is the most wonderful dog we’ve ever had. She is so remarkably intelligent. She knows the way to every Petsmart in the area, and gets oohs and ahhs every time we visit. She is living happily with our three cats and is every dog’s best friend. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us laugh in some way.”


Yager was one of the very first Pen Pals. He came to ACCT as a puppy, and needed help learning how to be a big boy. His Pen Pal recruited both staff and volunteer help in his training, asking him to sit and behave before being leashed, fed, treated – anything. It truly was a group effort. They worked on keeping him happy and healthy until his forever family came for him. Well, that day came, and Yager was adopted by a wonderful couple, their infant son, and their 2 huskies. [collapsible_item title=”read more”]Despite a few bumps in the road that occurred when the family moved, resulting in the canine brothers having some disagreements, Yager’s mom and dad worked to sustain their big, happy family. Yager is thriving in his home, and will soon be celebrating his second Christmas with his family. None of this would have been possible without the Pen Pal Program, the support of the shelter staff and volunteers, and the amazing adopters who were willing to give Yager the chance he deserved![/collapsible_item]