Foster A Dog or Cat

Where to Start

The quickest way to start is to fill out our foster application! Fill out an application here (you’ll be able to specify if you can foster cats or dogs)

Why Foster?

The primary reason for foster care is to provide temporary homes for dogs and cats due to overcrowding in the shelter, or to assist animals whose current conditions are not manageable in a shelter setting. Foster care is needed for animals who are healthy, sick, injured, or too young for adoption. The Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) receives more animals than can be accommodated in the shelter, so moving them into foster homes not only saves their lives, but also the lives of those who take their places. Fostering a shelter animal is a wonderful, rewarding experience.

What It Takes…

The ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care, as well as a desire to find their foster animal a safe, loving forever home. As a foster parent, you will provide your animals with care including food, water, shelter, litter, training, grooming and trips to ACCT to get medical treatment when necessary. Depending on what you are fostering, foster parents may also be responsible for finding adopters for your foster animal(s) – but we can help!

What You Get…

ACCT provides basic vet care, behavior and training resources, and adoption counseling and support as needed. New foster parents receive a Foster Care Manual with tons of information. Also, donations of food, treats, toys and litter are often available for free to foster parents. ACCT also invites all foster parents to showcase their animals at our weekly adoption events, and hosts foster animals’ biographies on our website and sites like

How Long…

The length of foster care commitment varies widely based on each animal. Some foster animals may only need a couple weeks of foster care while other foster animals may need many months of foster care. The length of time can depend on the animal’s age, medical status, or adoptability. For long term foster, foster animals stay in their foster homes until they are adopted out, so marketing your foster animal is an important factor in the length of commitment.


Call: Anytime! 267-385-3800 ext. 500

***In keeping with our lifesaving mission, ACCT Philly does require any cats or dogs a foster care provider owns to be spayed or neutered, assuming the animals are healthy and old enough to be safely altered. The animals should also be up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations.***