Resources for Struggling Owners

The decision to surrender your pet to ACCT Philly is a difficult one to make and it’s important that you have all the facts and exhaust any alternatives before you move forward. Please check out the following pages for resources that may help you keep or rehome your pet, including low-cost vet care information and possible solutions to common pet-related problems.

Can’t Afford Veterinary Care?

Veterinary care can be very expensive. If you are struggling to afford care, check out the following low-cost clinics in the Philly area.

We’ve also compiled some resources to connect you with a non-profit that may help you pay for your pet’s medical needs, as well as some tips to help you raise money to pay for veterinary care. Click to learn more about how to afford veterinary care.

Help for Other Common Pet Problems

Rehoming Your Pet Yourself

If you have determined that it is not best for you to keep your pet, then we encourage you to try and responsibly rehome him or her yourself. You know your pet best and will be better at finding a home that matches his or her personality.

Rehome your pet through Adoptapet! Click below and have your pet seen by millions of adopters, and get support from Adoptapet throughout the process to find your pet the right home.

Here are a couple of additional links that can guide you on how to rehome your pet:

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