ACCT Philly is FULL of dogs, and is closed to non-emergency dog intake.

You MUST have an appointment to surrender a pet to the shelter. At this time, ACCT Philly is NOT scheduling any owner surrender appointments for dogs. Any walk-in owner surrender appointments will NOT be accepted.

Can’t keep your pet or need medical or behavioral help? 

Reach out to ACCT’s Help Desk to provide further guidance on resources that may be available to you to help you keep your pet:, or complete a Request For Assistance form here.

Here are some additional resources to assist you:

PLEASE NOTE: The shelter is FULL, and all animals are at a high risk of euthanasia. We encourage you to first try rehoming through friends, family, and neighbors, and then try the resources below




  • PSPCA,


  • PAWS 2900 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146 ◆ 215-298-9680
  • PAWS Northeast 1810 Grant Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19115 ◆ 215-545-9600
  • PSPCA 350 E. Erie Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134 ◆ 215-426-6300



If you’re looking into humane euthanasia for an ill and/or elderly pet, please come in to the shelter, no appointment needed. If you’d like to be with your pet in their last moments, please reach out to Emeka’s Fund,, or your local veterinarian . 

If there is a medical emergency with your pet, please contact your local animal hospital.

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