Be a Pen Pal

Interested in becoming a Pen Pal volunteer?


Volunteers at ACCT are crucial partners in providing enrichment for the animals in the shelter. While walking the dogs is helpful to the staff and fun for the dogs, the Pen Pal Program allows volunteers to focus on more extensive enrichment, training, and promotion in a one-on-one capacity. The Pen Pal Program is also an opportunity for volunteers who cannot foster an animal in their home to act as a kind of foster parent for a dog in the shelter by focusing on socialization, marketing and post-adoption support.

Volunteers will pair with a long-term resident dog at ACCT who will be their Pen Pal. This special relationship will involve flexible goals for learning positive reinforcement training for skills such as walking politely on leash, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Here”, “Drop it” and more! Volunteers will be the primary advocate for their Pen Pal dog, so that their special dog has some extra help getting adopted.

Pen Pal volunteers must commit to at least two sessions each week to their Pen Pal dog, and at least one off-site outing or event every month. Pen Pal volunteers are also responsible for promoting and marketing their dog for adoption using various on-line tools, flyers, and at events. Pen Pal volunteers must also commit to providing post-adoption follow-up and support as needed.

To become a Pen Pal volunteer for a very special ACCT dog in need, please contact

Check out our PenPal video on YouTube!