Animal Intake

The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia accepts the following animals into the shelter:

  • Stray dogs, dogs running loose
  • Sick or injured wildlife
  • Sick or injured free-roaming cats
  • Unwanted pets

We do not recommend that the following animals be brought to the animal shelter facility:

  • Healthy wildlife (see more here) – Pennsylvania state law enforced by the Pennsylvania Game Commission prohibits the trapping of wildlife except under specific circumstances.
  • Free roaming cats – cats are allowed to walk free in Philadelphia and should be left where they are found to return home on their own. Lost cats are 13 more times likely to return home on their own than to be located and reclaimed at an animal shelter. 

The shelter is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue.  There is a $10.00 fee to surrender your pet to ACCT. This fee is used toward the care and support of all animals cared for at the shelter. Before you decide to surrender your pet to ACCT, we encourage you to think carefully and make sure you have considered all of your options.  For suggestions on how to keep your pet, visit the Need Help Keeping Your Pet page or contact the Help Desk at 267-385-3800 or email If you have questions concerning a request for service, please contact an Animal Control Dispatcher at 267-385-3800 or email us at