Looking for a quick thinking, customer service whiz to work with our rescue partners!

Who We Are:

ACCT Philly is the open admissions, animal care and control organization serving the City of Philadelphia. ACCT Philly provides intake, adoption, return to owner, and surrender prevention services to the community, as well as spay/neuter, rescue transfer, foster placement, and quality care for the 15,000 animals we see each year. With a focus on lifesaving, ACCT Philly saves more animal lives every year, with an 89% live release rate in 2020. 

Who We Need:

A Lifesaving Counselor who understands that great relationships mean great things for animals! By creating strong bonds, going the extra mile, and ensuring our rescue partners have their needs met, our Lifesaving Counselor helps save the lives of the thousands of animals each year who depend on those partners for placement. Getting to know each partner closely – what they like and what they’re experts at, the Lifesaving Counselor can maximize their impact!

The ACCT Philly Lifesaving Counselor is a crucial part of the ACCT Philly team, working closely with a network of hundreds of partners to find permanent and temporary homes for animals from the shelter and making room for the new ones coming in. Our ideal counselor is someone who’s got great attention to detail – whether that’s to notice the small details that make an animal stand out or to provide clear and accurate information to a partner; they’re someone who moves quickly and maintains a sunny disposition, knowing that a smil and a kind word can make all the difference – whether to a person or an animal!

With daily interaction with animals of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, an individual with experience handling animals, especially large breed dogs, is ideal. 


  • High school diploma or GED
  • A great attitude and a genuine love of people
  • The ability and willingness to work with behaviorally challenging animals
  • At least one year working hands on with animals
  • Must be fluent with computers and comfortable taking great photos and videos of animals

Why Should You Apply?

Positions at ACCT Philly come with these amazing benefits:

  • Full-time employment with opportunity to earn overtime
  • Additional compensation for specialized tasks such a training and for certain shifts and holidays
  • Union membership
  • A diverse team with people from many backgrounds and experiences
  • Ongoing access to training and continuing education
  • Basic vaccines and preventative care for staff pets
  • Discounted veterinary care at participating veterinary partners
  • Basic vaccines and preventative care for staff pets
  • Discounted veterinary care at participating veterinary partners
  • Annual compassion fatigue training for all ACCT Philly employees, plus an Employee Assistance Program
  • Starting $14.25/hour
  • 401k, competitive benefits (health, dental, long/short term disability) and paid time off 

See full job description here. To apply, email Sarah.