Event Lead Volunteer Job Description

Point of Contact: Offsite Coordinator 

** Must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer for this position **

Function/Impact: Offsite events are amazing opportunities to spread awareness about ACCT Philly, raise donations, and expand our adoption pool outside of those who may come to the main shelter. The Event Lead Volunteer will be responsible for attending and leading ACCT Philly events, as well as recruiting other volunteers to attend through the promotion of events through social media, scheduling volunteer meetings, and by speaking directly with current volunteers. 

Time Commitment and Location of Work:

  • Required to attend at least 1 offsite event per month
  • Main shelter, Offsite Locations for Events

Core Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Offsite Coordinator to confirm the capacity to attend all upcoming events with the appropriate number of volunteers
  • Conduct self in a professional and appropriate manner when working with members of the public, rescue organizations, foster care providers, and staff members
  • Supervise tables at events by answering the public’s questions and providing excellent customer service, while also monitoring the other volunteers and animals 
  • Monitoring the other volunteers and animals at events, and determining if an animal is not succeeding or struggling and should be returned to the shelter
  • Create flyers for social media to promote upcoming events
  • Recruit volunteers for events by speaking directly with fellow volunteers, posting on social media, and creating flyers
  • Be a source of information, guidance, and education for volunteers who are attending events 
  • Issue recommendations for dogs who may be a good fit for an event
  • Collect all supplies prior to event from Offsite Coordinator
  • Make sure event calendar is up to date at all times
  • Keep an updated list of needed donations for events that are having donation drives


  • Gold Level Canine Status
  • Attend one Offsite event per month


  • Blue Level Canine Status or working to Blue Level Canine Status is preferred so that the Event Volunteer Lead can assist with dog on dog interactions as well as take our Blue Level Dogs
  • Valid Driver’s License and an ability to transport dogs to and from offsite events

If interested being an Event Lead Volunteer, please email grace@acctphilly.org