The Director, Strategic
Initiatives acts as the point person and project manager for all strategic
priorities at ACCT Philly. As an organization with considerable ambition but
which is challenged by availability of resources, the process of turning goals
into strategy and into sustained and impactful action can be difficult to see through
to completion. Competing demands and the requirements of day to day operations
can often take priority resulting in the stagnation of progress. By partnering
with organizational leaders and acting as project manager, the director ensures
that these endeavors do not peter out and that ACCT continues to develop into a
first rate organization.

In addition to overseeing strategic projects, the director provides oversight to ACCT Philly’s quality assurance processes, ensuring that record keeping, data, and reporting are accurate and effectively inform and report on organizational activities. The director also oversees special projects, strategic initiatives, and other endeavors that do not have a clear owner within the organizational structure.

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