Looking for an Animal-loving, people person!

Who We Are:

ACCT Philly is the open admissions, animal care and control organization serving the City of Philadelphia. ACCT Philly provides intake, adoption, return to owner, and surrender prevention services to the community, as well as spay/neuter, rescue transfer, foster placement, and quality care for the 15,000 animals we see each year. With a focus on lifesaving, ACCT Philly saves more animal lives every year, with an 89% live release rate in 2020. 

Who We Need:

An Adoption Counselor who’s interested in working hands on with animals and in helping people make one of the most important decisions they can make! Someone who leaves judgement at the door and believes that homes come in all shapes and sizes, it’s just about finding that right fit. 

The ACCT Philly Adoption Counselor works directly with clients looking to adopt, to help them find the right fit for their lives. They focus on having great conversations to better understand what adopters are looking for and on walking them through the process of meeting and matching with the shelter’s animals. Talking with potential adopters is just one piece of the process though, so Adoption Counselors also spend considerable time getting to know the animals in ACCT’s care, so they understand their needs, too. 

An ideal Adoption Counselor is a people person who goes the extra mile to make someone’s experience great, as a matter of practice. They are not shy and willing to have personal and sensitive conversations. Adoption Counselors are multi-taskers and detail oriented, knowing that the steps they take set in motion big changes in the lives of people and animals. And of course, they are our animal’s biggest cheerleaders, enthusiastically highlighting their best qualities and helping them shine through promotions, fun interactions, and a warm and welcoming environment.

Because we serve a diverse community, a bilingual Phildadelphian is our dream candidate (though, if you are not – we still want to meet you!)


  • High school diploma or GED
  • A great attitude and a genuine love of people
  • The ability and willingness to work with passionate, often emotional people
  • An interest and ability to work with animals of various species, temperaments, and medical statuses

Why Should You Apply?

Positions at ACCT Philly come with these amazing benefits:

  • Full-time employment with ample opportunity to earn overtime
  • Additional compensation for specialized tasks such as training, and for certain shifts and holidays
  • Union membership
  • A diverse team with people from many backgrounds and experiences
  • Ongoing access to training and continuing education
  • Basic vaccines and preventative care for staff pets
  • Discounted veterinary care at participating veterinary partners
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Annual compassion fatigue training for all ACCT Philly employees, plus an Employee Assistance Program
  • 401k, competitive benefits (health, dental, long/short term disability) and paid time off 
  • Starting hourly rate $13.75, scheduled to increase to $14.25 in July 2021

See full job description here. Email Lifesaving Manager, Dontae Walker, to apply.