Targeted Trap Neuter Return Effort Helps 44 Philadelphia Cats

ACCT Philly, together with #CatTrappers215, conducted a targeted trap neuter return effort. The project resulted in 44 cats being trapped in neighborhoods from which ACCT Philly takes in a significant number of stray cats. Each cat was vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and then returned to the neighborhood and released.

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Help Animals on Prime Day!

Are you helping animals while doing your shopping on Prime Day? It's easy to do, and won't cost you anything extra! Step 1: Make us your charity of choice on Amazon Smile, and then shop using! Whether you’re shopping on prime day or any day of the...

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ACCT Philly to Host Drive Thru Dog Food Pet Pantry

In light of the increasing need of pet food for pet owners due to job loss and other economic hardships, ACCT Philly will be hosting its first ever drive through dog food pet pantry on September 19, from 11am to 2pm at it’s facility at 111 W Hunting Park Ave.

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Special thanks to Petco Foundation for their generous support!