Foxy is one of sweet pups who needs a foster home!

With our current URI situation, we NEED fosters without dogs in the home. The shelter is a stressful place for animals so it's a huge help to get the dogs into a place where they can decompress. If you can't foster, please spread the word by sharing our Facebook post

What if I've never fostered before?
Previous fostering experience is not required, so just be an ideal foster care provider by being committed to help find their foster animal a safe and loving “forever home.” 

Ready to foster?
Review our Canine Foster Overview. While it's an overview of the many great opportunities we have during the year to foster, it will help in providing you with additional information on the commitments and the ways we support you when fostering. PS Make sure to pay attention to what you should bring with you before coming to take a dog home.

I read it the overview and am ready to foster! What do I need to do?

Come in to our W. Hunting Ave location  during our open foster hours or sign up for an appointment through Calendly!

Open hours are 1pm-7pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on weekends. We can have you fill out an application onsite and do counseling the same day! You can also fill out a dog foster application online if you’d like to do this ahead of time.

What about supplies? Should I bring a leash and collar?
We’ll provide these with you and other supplies we get by donation. Some of supplies you should
expect us to provide are a harness, bed, toys, treats, adopt-me swag, and of course poop bags!

What about food and a crate?
Due to the limited supplies of these items, we may or may not have these available and try to reserve
these for any person who is doing a short-term foster experience. We may be able to loan crates out
to you temporarily if you’re taking a dog for long-term fostering when you get started.

I purchased some items for my foster dog! Can I get reimbursed for my expenses?
ACCT Philly is a 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization which means anything you purchase for your foster dog is considered a donation. This means that while we are not able to reimburse you, you can write this off when tax season comes so hold your receipts!

Can you cat test a dog to see how he or she does with cats?
ACCT Philly does not do “cat testing” because it causes our cats undue stress. As well, we have also
found that these tests are unreliable for a how a dog feels about a cat. We recommend doing slow
introductions and integration over time with the ability to separate as necessary.

Have more questions?
Contact our lifesaving team at  267-385-3800ext400 and email