Update on Upper Respiratory Infections in Dog Population at ACCT Philly

May 18, 2019 – As reported on May 13, ACCT Philly is attempting to tackle upper respiratory infections (URI) in a number of the dogs in its kennels.

ACCT Philly has conducted testing, and none of the pathogens identified in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) panels conducted thus far are unusual. However, it was determined that further exploration and precautionary measures were warranted due to some cases of unusually severe pneumonia that have led to the deaths of some of the affected dogs. ACCT Philly has been able to rule out some of the major viral infections such as distemper and canine influenza virus, but we still do not have the answers we need to definitively state what we are dealing with at this time.

After consulting with national experts and other partners, ACCT Philly has been advised that the best chance of restoring health in its kennels will require a two-week shutdown of adoptions as well as the sheltering-in-place of dogs already in its kennels. During this time, ACCT Philly must avoid–as much as possible–any new intake into the general dog population. We will not be taking any new owner-surrendered dogs starting Saturday, May 18, 2019 for two weeks, unless the dog is a risk to public safety or is ill or suffering, and in both instances require euthanasia.

ACCT Philly is working to secure a limited amount of space away from the general population to house a few incoming stray dogs and quarantine them beginning this weekend. Our goal will be to cycle any stray animals that enter our facility into this small quarantine area for their 48-hour stray hold period, and then as quickly as possible, transfer them into rescues if no owner retrieves the pet.

In attempting to tackle this issue head-on, we have incurred a number of additional and unexpected expenses. Monetary donations to assist with the expenses associated with this outbreak, including testing, are greatly appreciated. To donate to ACCT Philly, please go to Many of the rescues we partner with have also invested significantly in the care of these animals and could use support as well.

ACCT Philly is also seeking more fosters and volunteers for both its own programs and for its rescues partners as part of a sustained focus on the need to quickly and regularly move animals out of the shelter to avoid potential euthanasia and prevent future instances of illness or other issues.

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CONTACT: Susan Russell