May 31, 2019 As reported on May 13, ACCT Philly is attempting to tackle upper respiratory infection (URI) in a number of the dogs in its kennels. The primary cause of the respiratory illness in the dogs has now been identified as canine pneumovirus. This is an emerging respiratory virus seen primarily in shelters. This virus can cause an epidemic of respiratory illness because it is highly contagious, most dogs do not have immunity, and there is no vaccine. ACCT is following a management strategy provided by shelter medicine experts that maximizes life-saving and breaks the transmission cycle by not exposing more dogs. ACCT continues to carry through on its strategy of separating healthy stray intake from the main kennel population. 

During this time, ACCT Philly must avoid–as much as possible–any new intake into the general dog population. ACCT anticipates that it will be able to make a clean break on June 7.  Until that time it will not be taking in any owner surrendered pets, but will provide pet owners with resources in an effort to re-home their pets themselves unless the dog is a risk to public safety or is ill or suffering, and in both instances requires euthanasia. 

ACCT will be open for limited dog adoptions beginning Saturday, June 1 for dogs that are considered fully recovered in its main kennel, and not at risk of shedding the virus. 

ACCT Philly is also seeking more fosters and volunteers for both its own programs and for its rescue partners as part of a sustained focus on the need to quickly and regularly move animals out of the shelter. 

ACCT would like to thank all of its partners who are continuing to assist with transferring animals, and the PSPCA that has been instrumental in assisting with stray intake. ACCT would also like to thank the City for the temporary kennel environments in ACCT Philly's parking lot for healthy stray intake, as well as WillScot for their generous donation of a trailer for housing healthy strays. 

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