This year we had a turnout of more than 100 attendees at the event and a little over 100 shelters were built! For all those who came out to help and those who couldn’t but still donated, we cannot thank you enough.

Ready for the next winter shelter workshop?  Join us December 3rd! Click here for more information. 

It was so great to see everyone meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, and have fun building the life-saving shelters. Aside from being a productive day, it was also a fantastic day of learning where we conducted trap and drop trap demonstrations, gave out TNR vouchers, loaned traps and answered questions about cats.

Once again, thank you to the many BF volunteers, ACCT volunteers, colony caretakers, trappers, regular do-gooders, students from the Temple University, a robotics team from a local school, Temple Cats TNR group, Brenda’s Cat Rescue (also TNR), Feline Pipeline TNR/Rescue, The Philadelphia Community Cats Council, Alley Cat Animal Rescue and many more. A special shout out to Vincent, Mookie, and his two daughters building cat shelters and to Mookie, Jack, and Dwayne who have TNR’d a colony on their block.

Let’s continue looking out for the cat community until next year’s National Feral Cat Day!