October 23, 2020 (Philadelphia, PA) – With thousands of unowned cats coming into ACCT Philly each year, trap, neuter, return, also known as TNR, is critical to reducing the population of these cats in a humane way. Over the summer ACCT Philly began offering appointments to the public for TNR and providing vouchers for free surgery at area clinics, as well as continuing their cat trap loan program. 

This week, ACCT Philly, together with #CatTrappers215, conducted a targeted trap neuter return effort. The project resulted in 44 cats being trapped in neighborhoods from which ACCT Philly takes in a significant number of stray cats. Each cat was vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and then returned to the neighborhood and released.

“We knew that, not only did we need to do more, we needed to do it strategically. By looking at our data, we were able to target the neighborhood where we receive the most stray cats from,” says Alley Cagnazzi, Community Cat Coordinator for ACCT Philly. “Spaying or neutering just one stray cat can prevent dozens of kittens from being born. Many of these cats have people in the community feeding and caring for them. These caretakers know their names, their personalities and, above all, want them to be healthy”

“One organization alone can’t solve the problem of the thousands of unspayed and unneutered cats on the streets of Philadelphia, but doing this monthly, along with the efforts of other organizations doing TNR clinics and trapping, will make a big difference in the number of cats in need next kitten season,” said Aurora Velazquez, Executive Director for ACCT Philly.

ACCT Philly encourages anyone with unowned cats in their area who are not spayed or neutered to utilize ACCT Philly’s voucher program and free trap rental service. Cats who have been TNRd have a noticeable “ear tip” which indicates they do not need to be trapped. More information on the TNR services available to the public at ACCT and other organizations can be found here.

B-Roll and interviews are available upon request.

Media contact: Sarah Barnett sarah@acctphilly.org