Meet Kate the Great. Poor Kate was abandoned at the end of August, tied to a railing for three days before neighbors called the police. When officers brought her to ACCT Philly she was dehydrated, hungry, and scared from being deserted outside. Thanks to ACCT Philly, Kate’s belly was quickly filled and her fear disappeared as she was given immediate care, love, and safety she deserves.

However, after fixing her up we got the feeling there might be something extra special about Kate. While training with her volunteer Pen Pal and socializing at different events it was observed that she may not hear as well as other dogs; at one event with loud music she seemed to have no trouble falling asleep and did not respond to being called, leading us to investigate and confirm that the little girl is hearing impaired.

But Kate doesn’t let that slow her down at all! Through training with her Pen Pal, care of the ACCT Philly staff, and volunteer interactions we’ve learned that Kate navigates the world perfectly with her eyes by reading body language and watching for signals.

We worried that it may be difficult to find a home willing to accommodate a deaf dog, but before long, Kate’s shining and goofy personality caught the eye of adopter Laura, who decided she needed to be the one to give Kate the special love she was so clearly waiting for. Laura and her husband adopted Kate on September 28th and, together, happily began the new season.


According to Kate’s new family, she is settling in nicely and has been renamed Lacey. “She is an awesome dog,” said Laura. “She is super good with kids and absolutely loves animals of all kinds. She has even befriended our goats. She sleeps in bed with me with her legs around our other dog lucky. She is super smart and is learning hand commands very easily. Housebreaking her was about as easy as it gets. Thank you for adopting out to us such a wonderful dog! “

We’re so happy to have helped this little beauty blossom into Kate the Great, now Lacey, and that she has found a special family just for her!  Help us continue providing second chances to pets like Lacey by donating today.