Pit bulls. I’ve been thinking a lot about pit bulls.  Maybe that’s because they’ve been in the news recently as Montreal attempted to ban pit bull type dogs, a decision that is currently under review.  Or maybe it’s because as I walk through the kennels at ACCT Philly, many of the dogs I see look like pit bulls.  In fact, between June 1 and September 15 of this year, 45% of the dogs arriving at the shelter were classified as a pit bull or other bully breed.  Some arrived as strays; some owner surrenders; the vast majority were good dogs whose owners simply fell on hard times.

Montreal’s decision to ban pit bull type dogs was based on misinformation and fear.  It is one that could result in the death of hundreds of dogs, including family pets with no history of bad behavior.  It would require that owners of pit bulls pay additional fees and suffer other restrictions. I’m sure the responsible dog owners in Montreal never thought that the animals they love could be in this kind of jeopardy.  Let’s make sure that we never go down that road here in Philadelphia. The first step is spreading positivity.

October is Pitbull Awareness Month, and we are celebrating from October 17th-22nd with adoption specials and a social media campaign featuring happy stories and photos of pit bulls. We invite you to tell us about your beloved pit by posting on our facebook page here using hashtag #phillypitbullpride.  Your story may be shared on our main page!

ACCT Philly is proud to be a shelter that champions pit bull type dogs, and I know many of you are pit bull fans. If you are not, take a chance and get to know one. As an adopter recently told me, “Given what I heard in the news, I never thought that I’d own a pit bull.  Now that I do, I don’t know that I could live without one.”

I appreciate your dedication to helping pit bulls and all of the homeless animals of Philadelphia.  Thank you for supporting ACCT Philly; together we are saving lives and opening minds.

Yours in service to the animals,
Vincent Medley