ACCT Philly’s New “Liberty Licenses” will help lost animals return home quicker, increase city’s license compliance.

 This recently launched 21st- century pet license is not only much easier for animal control officers to spot on a dog’s collar, it is a fast and easy digital way for owners to log all their dog’s information.

In partnership with, the world’s fastest way to get lost pets home, ACCT Philly’s new digital dog licenses will be linked to online profiles that can be securely accessed by scanning a QR code on the ID with any mobile device. The free profiles allow dog owners to list emergency contact information, including veterinarians, pet sitters, family and friends.

“This technology will support our goal of getting pets back to their families more quickly and helping to reduce the number of animals in the shelter,” said Audra Houghton, Interim Executive Director of ACCT Philly. “Ninety-six percent of animals recovered through the PetHub system are returned to their home in less than a day, before they enter a shelter.”

The PetHub software allows for optional upgrades which include “found pet” alerts, tag scan notifications with GPS mapping, and a way to broadcast a missing pet’s profile to local shelters and businesses, similar to the Amber Alert system.

“These licenses will give Philadelphia pet owners peace of mind knowing all of their pet’s important information is on one tag,” said Houghton. “Having licenses that can be scanned in the field will help us increase our ability to return animals to their owners.”

The Liberty Licenses will be provided to dog owners when they pay the city’s $16 annual registration fee. The technology will help the city increase its license compliance, which has been below five percent in the last few years.  Already have an older version of the license tag? No worries, a new tag can be purchased directly from ACCT Philly for only two bucks.

“Licensing pets is an important step that all pet owners should take,” said Joanna Otero-Cruz, Deputy Managing Director of Community Services. “The new Liberty Licensees will allow lost pets to be returned home quickly and safely and will reduce the number of unnecessary intakes to our city’s animal shelters. I hope this new technology will entice more pet owners to do the right thing and license their dogs, knowing they can have instant access to contact information and records at any time.”

“We are thrilled to help cities like Philadelphia provide cutting edge lost pet recovery services to pets and pet parents,” said Tom Arnold, CEO and Founder of  “Across the country, over 140 communities are now using rabies or pet license tags powered by PetHub, and we have more cities and counties launching every month.”

For more information about digital IDs and eligible locations for Philadelphia, please visit: