On Saturday May 12th, thirteen Pen Pal dogs and their Pen Pal volunteers from ACCT Philly  had the opportunity to attend a training event at the Y2K9s Dog Sports Club facility in Wyndmoor, PA. This event was organized with Marisa Scully of Philly Dog Training. Marisa and several instructors from Y2K9s volunteered their Saturday afternoon to teach the volunteers and dogs about the foundations for flyball, agility, rally, tricks, and disc. Volunteers also learned about the personality and conformation features of a dog that make them a potential sports dog!

The day started with demonstrations by the instructors and their dogs for each sport. The volunteer-dog teams then rotated through stations for each sport and even received one-on-one instruction time. The instructors from Y2K9s commented on the wonderful temperaments of the dogs in attendance. Stand-out performances include Tyson and Janice in flyball, Perces and George on the agility equipment, Henry in tricks, and Angus in disc!

ACCT Philly thanks Y2K9 Dog Sports Club, Philly Dog Training, and all of the volunteers for making this wonderful day possible!

The Pen Pal Program pairs ACCT’s “long term residents” (dogs waiting longer than others during their stay at the shelter) and dogs exhibiting kennel stress with a dedicated Pen Pal volunteer who works one-on-one with the dog to work on socialization and training, promote the dog for foster care and adoption, and provide follow up with the Pen Pal dog’s new home (to make sure the match sticks)! The Pen Pal program also provides workshops, trainings and contests for the Pen Pal volunteers to help build and expand their skills and knowledge.

For more information about how you can get involved or support the Pen Pal Program, visit the Pen Pal page!

Also check out Y2K9:www.y2k9s.net and Philly Dog Training: www.phillydogtraining.com!