Here at ACCT Philly we couldn’t ask for a better team. Get to know us by following the biographies of our staff and volunteers posted to our page!

Kelsey has always loved animals and planned on a career that involved supporting them. While in college, Kelsey made the decision to work in a non-profit. Understandably, her parents expressed their concern, not wanting their daughter to delve into an area where she would possibly struggle financially. Kelsey, however, then told her parents—and still tells people today—that “I want to help people, not help people make money.” Combining her huge heart for people and her love for animals she set her sights on a non-profit that focused on helping the two. Little did we know that she would later find her way to us!

Upon graduating from college, Kelsey moved to St. Louis where she worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA Corps member. During her year-long stay in St. Louis she gained her first experience as a volunteer coordinator while running the thrift shop that supported her organization, Mission: St. Louis. Here, Kelsey learned invaluable ways of managing and connecting with others working towards a common goal and balancing these essential relationships. She hoped to use these skills to direct others in supporting the welfare of animals.

With her passion reinforced by this experience she sought out ACCT Philly and quickly applied. When she received a call for an interview she immediately drove back to Pennsylvania and two weeks later she became a part of the ACCT Philly team!

Kelsey started out at the front desk of the shelter, where she came face to face with owners, pets, volunteers, and new animals that came to the shelter. One of these animals, a Boston Terrier named Harley, caught her attention right away. Harley, who was sadly left behind in the apartment her owner moved out of, was underweight, scared, and confused as she headed to the PSPCA to be processed and cared for.  When she was finally released Kelsey couldn’t help but to adopt her right away! With Harley’s adoption, she felt she had at last found the place where her people skills and love for animals were coming together to truly do some good.

Kelsey’s goal coming to ACCT Philly and going forward is to help people, to help animals, and to help them connect. Though she started at our front desk we are now proud to call her our Volunteer Coordinator, as she has supported and contributed so much to our team and to the volunteer programs for ACCT Philly.