IMG_0160It was March Madness at ACCT Philly when a photo of one of our resident dogs, whose name just happened to be March, went viral. The photo of him staring sadly at his kennel wall touched hearts around the world. Everybody wanted to save him. And you did! We are happy to report that March is with one of our fantastic rescue partners and is doing great! The rescue has chosen to remain anonymous so they can focus on March and the other animals under their care.

But of course that’s not the end of the story. March is just one of thousands of dogs and cats who find themselves in temporary shelter at ACCT Philly each year. Like March, we want their stories to have a happy ending, and we know you want that, too.

Give more pets just like March the happy life they deserve by making a donation in honor of March today. Your gift will help give hope and a second chance to every one of the 25,000 pets that come into ACCT Philly each year.

Can’t donate right now? You can still make a difference by volunteering, fostering or following us online. Any way you can help is much appreciated. Take ACCTion and be a part of the solution!