Looking for an
people person!

Who We Are:

ACCT Philly is the open admissions, animal care and control organization serving the City of Philadelphia. ACCT Philly provides intake, adoption, return to owner, and surrender prevention services to the community, as well as spay/neuter, rescue transfer, foster placement, and quality care for the 15,000 animals we see each year.

Who We Need:

A Lifesaving Manager who loves animals and people coming together; someone who has a great understanding of the Philadelphia community and enjoys collaborating with individuals from all walks of life. Someone who has experience with and enjoys working with rescue organizations as well as adoption placements.

The ACCT Philly Lifesaving Manager oversees all aspects of placement ensuring that animals are well matched with their people – whether adopters, fosters, or rescuers, and that the organization’s approaches are equitable, inclusive, and prioritize the best interests of those involved. The Lifesaving Manager is especially focused on building relationships with our sheltering and rescue partners and maximizing lifesaving impact across all program focus areas.

ACCT Philly’s Lifesaving programs are what ensure animals who are not reclaimed find placement, whether with rescue or a home. Working to train and build strongs teams that will support this goal, as well as developing relationships with rescues is a critical part of the position, as is ensuring that our adoption process is welcoming and a positive experience that results in helping our animals find great homes.

● High school diploma or GED
● A great attitude
● The ability and willingness to work with passionate people, including those who require de-escalation and ongoing relationship management
● 3 years in a role involving a lot of person to person interaction
● 1 year experience working with animal rescue organizations and working in or managing an adoption program at a shelter or rescue
● 1 year management experience

Why Should You Apply?
Positions at ACCT Philly come with these amazing benefits:
● A diverse team with people from many backgrounds and experiences
● Ongoing access to training and continuing education
● Basic vaccines and preventative care for staff pets
● Discounted veterinary care at participating veterinary partners
● Annual compassion fatigue training for all ACCT Philly employees, plus an Employee Assistance Program
● Starting salary $47,000
● 401k, competitive benefits (health, dental, long/short term disability) and paid time off

See full job description here. To apply, email Sarah Barnett here.