Thank you for wanting to help us! Here are twelve ways to help as we try to tackle this respiratory virus.

  1. Make a donation to help offset the additional costs ACCT Philly is incurring during this time. You can donate online via PayPal or Network for Good.

    If you prefer mailing your donation, please send it to:
    ACCT Philly
    Attn: Development
    PO Box 46865
    Philadelphia PA 19160

  2. Support us year round by becoming a monthly donor!

  3. Ask your friends to donate by tweeting here, and consider creating a Facebook fundraiser for ACCT Philly.

  4. Purchase items off of our Amazon wish list (make sure you’re using Amazon Smile and selecting ACCT when you do it!).

  5. Host a party for animals to collect items off our wish list and drop them off at the shelter during business hours.

  6. Volunteer! Volunteers make a huge difference at ACCT Philly, and you can learn more about volunteering here.

  7. Share this webpage with friends and family to help get the word out! We have made it easy for you:  
    Click here to e-mail this link to friends (we’ve even drafted language for you)
    Click here to share on Facebook
    Click here to share on twitter

  8. Know a reporter, radio host or influencer? Please share this page with them and ask them to promote it and help ACCT Philly!
    Click here for the suggested e-mail to reporters, radio hosts and other influencers.

  9. If you’re considering adopting, we have dogs and cats up for adoption both in foster care, and also at our Everyday Adoption Center. We’re also doing limited adoptions of dogs who have been cleared. See our available dogs here and available cats here. Please also consider adopting from PSPCA who has been taking in strays and owner surrenders to give us much needed space during this time.

  10. If you don’t have a dog in your home, sign up to be a short term dog foster. If you have dogs in your home, help our love local partners by becoming foster parents for them! Our friends at PSPCA created a short term foster program so they can help take more of our dogs. You can learn more about that here

  11. Follow ACCT Philly on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, and retweet, like and share the posts to get ACCT Philly posts about lost pets, events and updates into more newsfeeds.

  12. If you’re with a rescue or shelter or know people who are, please ask them to become a transfer partner with ACCT Philly and pull some pups from the open intake shelter, which is full to the brim! There are many dogs who have been cleared as healthy in the main kennel, as well as dogs in foster care and especially those dogs in the Clean Break tents (dogs that have not been in the general population) who need to find placement to free up space for incoming strays, until ACCT Philly is through the shutdown. ACCT Philly has asked all rescues to alert them if any dogs have gotten sick after being pulled, and thus far, to ACCT Philly's knowledge no dogs pulled from the tents have gotten sick after leaving for rescue. If you know of a group willing to take a dog, please have them e-mail Health certificates can be provided for out of state groups.  More on becoming a partner here.  ACCT could really use your help!