HVAC Update

We are happy to report that the HVAC construction is on schedule and should be completed by April. Thanks to immense support from the community, volunteers, and rescues, dogs are moving through the shelter quickly and euthanasia is minimal.

Shelter Statistics

Please take a moment to review the following chart we’ve put together to show how construction has affected the intake and outcomes of our dogs. Click the image for a larger version.

Chart A: Dog Intake and Outcome

This chart tracks the live outcomes, euthanasia, owner surrenders and stray intake from January 1, 2017 to February 25, 2017. Since construction began on February 6, 2017, owner surrenders have decreased and euthanasia has stayed consistent. Following a spike prior to construction due to rescues pulling large numbers of dogs, live outcomes have leveled and reflect numbers before construction.

PSPCA & ACCT Philly form innovate partnership

Huge thanks to the PSPCA for working with us on a program designed to divert certain dog intakes directly to the PSPCA, avoiding an ACCT intake. The program, which is already in progress, will see PSPCA staff members and volunteers present at ACCT Philly on Mondays from 3-6pm, Fridays from 11am-2pm and Sundays 11am-2pm. Residents of Philadelphia are being urged to bring animals that they must surrender to the facility, or have found as strays, during these timeframes to allow the Pennsylvania SPCA to assess the animals and accept them to their facility. The goal of the partnership is to minimize euthanasia, take the pressure off as ACCT Philly undergoes renovations, and ultimately to save more lives in the city of Philadelphia.

Check out some of the program’s coverage from 6ABC, PhillyVoice.com, Philly.com, and Metro.


Temporary Kennels Fundraiser Update

Thanks to generous donations totaling $2,500 from Philadoptables and donor Lisa B., we are now able to purchase NINE new kennels! These kennels are of a much higher quality and are versatile enough for both long-term and offsite adoption event use. The new price tag is $6,000, but with $2,500 from Lisa and Philadoptables, we are already over halfway there! Please help us hit $6,000 to purchase nine new kennels! Thank you Lisa, Philadoptables and everyone who has contributed so far; you are lifesavers!

Donate here and share fundraiser online.