HVAC Project Update #1 – February 8, 2017

Thanks to a strong team effort from staff, volunteers, rescues and the City, we are pleased to say that the first days of HVAC construction have gone smoothly! The dogs are dealing with the construction well, and adopters and rescues continue to come save lives. Thank you for your support and patience!

Rescue Assistance
We are very grateful for all of our rescues, especially those that have stepped up and pulled large dogs! Extra special shout-out to current “top-pullers” Brandywine Valley SPCA, PSPCA, Saved Me, and DogTown.

Lifesaving is our #1 priority

Our number one goal before, during and after construction is to maintain the terrific lifesaving momentum of 2016 and our prior years. So far, we have been able to meet this goal and in fact, have euthanized 8 fewer dogs than the same time period last year. This is due to an increase in adoptions and rescue transfers, and a sharp decrease in dog intakes. The credit for this goes to the community, our staff and our tremendous partners.

In the past two weeks, we saw an increase in dog adoptions, return-to-owners, and pulls from rescue partners. All total, 33 more dogs had a live outcome during our transition period and start of construction compared to the same weeks in 2016. Another tribute to how we, the community of animal welfare advocates, have come together to save lives.

We also saw a drastic decrease in dog intake. Since we announced the construction project, 58 fewer dogs have been brought into the shelter than during the same time period in 2016. Our planning and leadership, your assistance and partnership and the community’s response is making this a project a great success. The work isn’t over, but we are very pleased so far.

We are also excited to announce partnerships with both the Pennsylvania SPCA and Providence Animal Center. Both shelters have graciously committed to pull a certain number of dogs from ACCT Philly throughout the construction timeline. Plans with the PSPCA are being finalized and will be made public very soon. Details regarding “Operation ACCT Now”, Providence Animal Center’s campaign to help ACCT Philly dogs during construction, is available online here.

Donate Towards Temporary Kennels

Due to prior commitments, HSUS was unable to accommodate our request to borrow temporary kennels to set-up in the multi-purpose room. Instead, we have decided to purchase five temporary kennels at the cost of approximately $2,000. Any extra funds raised will be put towards the purchase of new, permanent kennels, a project we expect to begin next year.

Donate towards this project now: https://acctphilly.networkforgood.com/projects/24820-hvac-temporary-kennels

Thank you for your continued compassion and support!