Get Your Pet Partners with ACCT Philly!
The Future of Pet Adoption and ACCT Philly are teaming up to save your pets! is a newly launched, game-changing pet adoption site where owners needing to rehome pets and those seeking to adopt can communicate directly and effectively, making it easy to find a new best friend. Posting pet info and searching through profiles is easy, messaging is safe, and cost of adoption is much lower than purchasing a pet. With this online community thousands of local pets will be able to find new homes in a simpler and—most importantly—more humane way.

If you or someone you know needs to rehome a beloved pet or wants to adopt a new dog or cat, please visit

“Get Your Pet will save thousands of dogs and cats from entering animal shelters, where they have the possibility of being euthanized,” said Get Your Pet founder and life-long animal welfare advocate, Angela Marcus. “We are thrilled to work with ACCT Philly to potentially relieve them of one third of their annual intake and help them dedicate their limited resources to helpless strays and abused animals.”

With the potential to reduce guardian surrenders so drastically, we are excited to join forces with Get Your Pet and watch how the online #GYPCommunity helps the local animal community here in Philly!

Visit for more information about their pet adoption service, which helps pets go from one good home to another.

Angela Marcus, Founder of Get Your Pet