December 31st, Philadelphia, PA
, After missing for almost a month, Max, an older pit bull, is finally confirmed safe and back in the care of ACCT Philly. Max went missing on December 3rd, and since then, the ACCT Philly community has been trying to find him but despite dozens of tips that came into the Help Find Max tip line established by ACCT, all were dead ends. Newspaper ads and an increase in the reward were done with the hope of finding him, but the tips were decreasing to a trickle.

Yesterday, that changed when a tip came in from someone who had seen ACCT’s Facebook post about Max and saw a dog at their place of employment who resembled Max. Within minutes, staff connected with the tipster and based on additional information were able to confirm the dog was in fact Max. Eventually, they determined the address of the individual with Max, more than an hour outside of Philadelphia. Today, animal control officers dispatched to the address and upon arrival, found Max and took him into custody.

“We were so relieved when we arrived and saw that Max was unharmed,” said Officer Rachel Schumacher, Field Services Supervisor, who went to reclaim Max on Tuesday morning. “With every tip we followed up on that didn’t pan out, we were really losing hope, so this really is a miracle of sorts and shows the power of social media and tip lines in finding lost pets.”

“We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who helped spread the word about Max. While the individual who stole Max may not have intended harm, we have contacted authorities who will be handling the situation from here, and will focus our efforts now on finding Max a home and helping all the animals in our care do the same in 2020,” said Executive Director Aurora Velazquez.

A timeline of efforts to find Max is viewable here as well as additional photos