Thank you for joining us as we countdown to New Year’s Eve with the top ten reasons ACCT Philly is an amazing organization with a powerful impact for animals and why ACCT Philly is the Heart of the City!

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Reason #8 that ACCT Philly is amazing: We believe in the underdog.

pen palsWhen Natalie Smith, Director of Lifesaving and Prevention saw great dogs going overlooked by adopters and rescues because of their appearance in the kennels, she knew if she could just help people see how unique and special they were – they would find homes. And this is how ACCT Philly’s incredible Pen Pal Program was born.

The Pen Pal program serves the underdogs … the precious individuals passed over by visitors to ACCT Philly. Dogs in the Pen Pal program are matched with dedicated volunteers who provide them with personalized enrichment, training and promotion for adoption and rescue.

But most importantly Pen Pal volunteers provide love.

Pen Pal dogs go from being one of many in a crowd to cherished individuals.

And that’s why we are here.

While adopters and rescuers often race to snap up the most “desirable” dogs, the ones who remain are the ones who need all of our support most of all.

pen palFilled with love, compassion and a passion to save animals, despite being far from the center of town, ACCT Philly truly is the Heart of the City.

There’s still time to make a difference in 2012. If you believe in the underdog, please consider giving to the organization that stands up for those who are overlooked – and is always working hard to save lives – ACCT Philly! Or share this page with friends and let them know why ACCT Philly’s lifesaving work is important to you! Keep the Heart of the City beating strong!

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