Thank you for joining us as we countdown to New Year’s Eve with the top ten reasons ACCT Philly is an amazing organization with a powerful impact for animals and why ACCT Philly is the Heart of the City!

Reason #3 that ACCT Philly is amazing: Foster care. SUPERCHARGED!

momma and kittens

Sure other shelters offer foster care for animals but there aren’t all too many in the country that do it on the scale that ACCT Philly does it. In 2012 our animal control staff placed more than 3,000 animals into temporary foster care. Whether it’s bottle baby kittens or a dog recovering from illness or just an animal who has become too stressed to be in the busy shelter, foster parents save lives!

Momma cats with baby kittens and orphaned kittens are the animals who most need foster care. Nursing and orphaned young kittens are too young to be adopted but risk life threatening illness in a shelter where they are exposed to so many other cats. Their only hope is foster care. As of this evening, New Year’s Eve foster care has helped 2,486 cats and kittens!

Filled with love, compassion and a passion to save animals, despite being far from the center of town, ACCT Philly truly is the Heart of the City.

Your support helps us provide medication and the series of vaccines foster animals often need before they are ready to be adopted!

There’s still time to make a difference in 2012. If you are going to be making an end of year gift, please consider giving to the organization with the supercharged foster care program – ACCT Philly! Or share this page with friends and let them know why ACCT Philly’s lifesaving work is important to you! 

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