As of 8/15, a Code Red is in effect until further notice.

Live Extreme Weather updates are available on the city’s homepage here.

Code Red Events
During City declared Code Red events, defined as when the National Weather Service extended weather forecast includes at least three consecutive days of 95° F or above temperatures with high humidity,  dogs must be indoors or have access to shelter that meets the following requirements:

– Suitable size to accommodate the dog in both standing and lying positions
– Moisture-proof, windproof, ventilated, and in cold temperatures shall promote the retention of body heat
– Made of durable material with a solid, moisture-proof floor raised at least two inches from the ground
– Contain clean bedding material consisting of hay, straw, cedar shavings or the equivalent to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness
– Access to drinking water available in a clean, liquid state. Snow or ice is not an acceptable water source
– Free from excessive dirt, trash and waste
– Dogs must be afforded one or more separate areas of shade large enough to accommodate the entire body of the dog at one time and protect it from the direct rays of the sun

Report a Violation
If you would like to report a dog left outdoors in severe weather call 267-385-3800 and dial 1 to speak with the dispatcher or file a report online here with all the details you have available.