ACCT Philly’s Board of Directors wants you to know about some recent changes we’ve made to our board meeting schedules and structure. Know that we appreciate the ongoing feedback we receive from our volunteers, partners, and members of the community, as these changes were made with them in mind.

Starting this month, ACCT Philly will continue the practice of holding six public board sessions a year while adding six additional private board meetings. This will allow the organization to commit even more time and efforts to fundraising and strategic planning while providing a dedicated forum for public comment.

The board will now convene meetings monthly, with six being open to the public and the remaining being dedicated to ACCT Philly board proceedings and business.

We have been hard at work to revamp the current meetings structure to make the board more effective. This new format will allow us to fully hear the issues directly from residents, and allow the board more time to figure out ways to address the concerns raised.

The impact of the changes should result in better communication, collaboration, and efficiency. These changes truly are positive and with the best interests of the animals, and the constituencies that care for and about them, in mind.

The board recently convened a daylong planning session where we created a strategic plan for moving ACCT forward. Part of the strategic plan included goals that we are immediately pursuing – which include intensifying our fundraising efforts so that we can leverage public dollars with contributions that can help us do more for animals, as well as dedicating our efforts to push our current 84% save rate – a historic high – to 90%.

Just as important, we are rolling out new efforts to keep our partners, volunteers, and community engaged and more responsive to your concerns. We encourage you to stay up-to-date by visiting our website regularly and signing up for our e-newsletter. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook page for information about our events and initiatives.

The next ACCT Philly public meeting is August 21st at the Free Library Parkway Central branch. We look forward to seeing you there.