In the latter part of 2017 our Medical Director, Dr. Herendeen, applied for a grant with PetSmart Charities to revitalize our Community Cat Program.  Recently that grant was awarded at approximately $92,000. The budget for this grant allows for one part time employee to administer the grant vouchers and maintain data and compliance with the grant funds in addition to funding 2,000 spay and neuter surgeries for outdoor cats through partnering providers in Philadelphia.

The CCP also underwent a minor restructure, designating one CCP coordinator as a “TNR” coordinator- to focus on trapping and building networks of trappers in the city and one as an “SNR” coordinator- to focus on identifying SNR eligible candidates in the shelter and interface with customers who come in to ACCT to learn about Community Cats.

Currently, we have tentatively filled one Community Cat Coordinator position and the administrative assistant position, and discussions are underway to formalize partnerships with several local spay/neuter providers.  The CCP program is anticipated to be back up to full capacity and issuing vouchers for surgery by mid April*, and in the interim ACCT is still loaning traps and performing in house surgery of both TNR cats and stray drop off cats.

*We had originally hoped to have the vouchers available by April 1st but will instead have them available by mid April to make sure that all of our partner organizations are prepared to provide the services!