Here's everything you need to know about our upcoming #ACCTtotheFuture fee waived adoption campaign! 

What is it? 
#ACCTtotheFuture is a fee waived adoption campaign that ACCT is running starting Friday, September 27, through Sunday, September 29th. All adoption fees will be waived for animals adopted from the shelter's main facility at 111. W. Hunting Park Ave. 

Can I fill out the application in advance?
Yes! Feel free to download and print the application here and bring it with you. 

I can’t adopt but want to help. What can I do?
First and foremost, spread the word! Even if you can’t adopt, you may have friends, family, and coworkers looking to do so. Second, please also consider making a donation to help Philadelphia’s homeless pets, and check out other ways to help here.

Are fees waived for dogs and cats at the EAC, or just the main facility on W Hunting Park? Fees are waived only for the animals at our main facility at 111 W. Hunting Park. You can dogs available for adoption here and cats available for adoption here. Animals in foster care are not eligible for fee waived adoptions. 

What do I need to bring with me to adopt?
You MUST bring an up-to-date photo ID, and additional proof of address (such as a lease or water bill) if the address listed on your ID is outdated.
We require all children meet potential new doggie family members; this is for everyone’s safety and happiness!
All Philadelphia residents are required to purchase a Philadelphia dog license at the time of adoption. 

I have a dog at home. Do I need to bring them with me?
We strongly recommend bringing any resident dogs to meet any potential new dog family members.

How long will it take to adopt?
The process varies depending on the volume of potential adopters, as well as what animal you are interested in, as counseling times vary depending on the animal’s medical or behavioral needs. However in an effort to streamline adoptions, we have brought on additional support for this event, and also have made the application available for download so that you can print and fill it out in advance. Click here to download and print the application. 

I need to surrender my pet but it says you are closed. What do I do?
PSPCA will take stray dogs on Monday and Tuesday. PAWS will be onsite Tuesday to divert intake that they can handle. Owner surrenders that are not a medical or behavioral emergency will still be scheduled by appointment. The first step to do that is call 267-385-3800 extension 105 to speak with the CNKP Help Desk. Additional resources are available on our surrender prevention resource page here.

How does adopting out animals this weekend help move ACCT forward?
In order to be able to participate fully in the training being provided by the University of Wisconsin, it’s imperative that the population of animals in the shelter decreases. This will make it possible for staff to be fully engaged in the training being provided by the University of Wisconsin. 

My rescue is willing to pull an animal, but told it wasn’t approved. What do I do?
In order to ensure that the animals in our care go to organizations able to provide them with the care they need, we require rescues to fill out a Love Local Application. The turn-around time for approval is dependent on the volume of applications we have, and also on the types of animals, the rescue is interested in pulling, e.g. if a rescue is looking to pull an urgent animal, or larger dogs, we try to expedite the request once we receive all the required documentation. If you are not already a Love Local Partner it is unlikely we will be able to approve your application in advance of the #ACCTtotheFuture adoption campaign unless you are interested in pulling larger or urgent dogs. However, we encourage you to fill out the Love Local Partner application so that you can pull animals in the future! Fill out the application here.

What medical care do dogs and cats in ACCT’s care receive prior to being ready for adoption?
Dogs and cats from ACCT are spayed or neutered (or will come with a voucher to have the surgery done); microchipped; flea & tick prevention; dewormer; given age-appropriate vaccines such as: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and Bordetella and a Rabies vaccine.

Will I be able to take my animal home same day?
Yes! However if the animal you are adopting is not spayed/neutered, you will be given a voucher to have them spayed/neutered at a partner, and are required to have that done within 30 days of adoption.

Are volunteer hours changed at all?
No, volunteer hours will be unchanged. It’s a great opportunity to come and advocate for your favorite ACCT Philly dog or cat!