ACCT Philly is reopening to the public, however in order to meet the needs of the community after significant budget cuts to its contract as well as ensure the safety and health of its staff and volunteers, ACCT Philly is shifting how some of these services operate:

How to adopt:
Many dogs and cats are located at our shelter, at 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA. We also have many dogs and cats in foster care looking for homes.

View dogs up for adoption here
View cats up for adoption here

Potential adopters will need to schedule an appointment to adopt. Appointments for the following week (Thursday through Friday) are released each Monday morning at 10am and fill up within hours. Interested adopters may schedule an appointment here after which they will be taken to the adoption questionnaire to fill out and indicate which pets are of interest.

*If you visit the appointment link and none are available, more will be released the following Monday at approximately 10am.

Once an appointment is made and the questionnaire is filled out, a staff member will review the application prior to the appointment. The counseling appointment will happen remotely or onsite, to meet the needs of each adopter, and meet and greets will resume onsite as well, ensuring adopters and animals have the opportunity to interact and find the right fit. Questions? E-mail us at

Walk throughs:
In order to limit the number of individuals in the building at one time, while we will do our best to accommodate adoption walk through requests, if you show up without an appointment for an adoption, it’s likely that there will be a wait time, or a possibility that we are not able to accommodate your request.

We are now open to the public 10am-6pm daily for surrender and adoption appointments, as well as lost and found services. Based on the Safer at Home guidelines issued by the city, we will limit the number of clients in the building at one time and are only able to accommodate walk-ins as we have availability.

Our Animal Care and Medical as well as Dispatch staff will maintain traditional hours to continue caring for animals and providing access to services as needed outside of public hours.

Intake Services:
ACCT Philly will resume our normal intake processes, including intakes for lost/stray, surrendered, and other animals in need of our services.

During Covid operations and in anticipation of budget cuts, the organization piloted a several programs such as Pet BnB and Home 2 Home, both of which we will continue. It also launched the PETS Fund, to help fund efforts to keep people and their pets together.

Pet BnB encourages and supports finders in fostering lost pets instead of relinquishing them. This was an option before, but now we are working to provide additional support to encourage that they do this.

Home 2 Home connects animals with fosters even before intake. So that time at the shelter is minimal. We’ll keep these going in addition to appointments, surrender prevention, and other support that was in place prior to Covid. The goal is to provide solutions that can keep pets in the community, when and where appropriate, and resume more normal intake services for animals whose best option is to be intaken at the shelter.

During open hours, we will accept donations however have limited the kind of donations that we will accept.

Please see the list of items here.

To make a financial donation, please donate online here.