ACCT Philly Refreshes Transfer Partner Program, Launches Love Local Portal


(PHILADELPHIA) April 3, 2018 – The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia has revamped and will relaunch their Transfer Partner program, which is now called Love Local Partners.  Changing the program name to Love Local Partners reflects ACCT Philly’s commitment to highlighting the importance of and lifesaving impact of supporting local shelters and rescue efforts through our #AdoptLocal initiative.  As part of this program facelift, ACCT Philly has created Love Local Partners and the Love Local Partner Portal, which will both launch at 9:00am on Friday April 6.


The ACCT Philly Love Local Program is the formal process for 501c3 recognized non-profit rescue groups to work with our shelter and help save animals who are behaviorally or medically beyond our ability to rehome through adoption, or, who have been in the shelter over two weeks without finding a match.


“This new web portal uses technology to provide timely and accurate information in an easy format for our rescues to review and assure that no savable pet enters our system without being visible to the rescue community,” says Dr. Hillary Herendeen, Director of Veterinary services at ACCT Philly.  Even when a pet comes in during a time when lifesaving staff are not in the building, they will be visible to partners who can begin to consider if this is an animal they have  the ability to reach out and possibly save!”


ACCT Philly embraces the core value of transparency, and has committed to working as closely as possible with our Love Local Partners to communicate clearly and in a timely fashion – who is most in need of rescue in our shelter population.


“The Lifesaving Department is very excited for recent addition of the ‘Love Local Portal’ to ACCT Philly’s website,” commented Jon Gray, the Senior Manager for ACCT Philly’s Lifesaving Department. “The Love Local Portal will provide Partners with a reliable and convenient platform to view ACCT Philly’s most urgent animals as they are updated in real time. We are excited at the prospect of further streamlining our Lifesaving processes to accommodate our Partners and save even more animals than ever before!”  The new Love Local Portal means that the most urgent and needy animals are visible as long as possible for our rescue partners to take action and step in.

Are you interested in learning more about the Love Local Partners program? Check out the new Love Local Portal page on ACCT Philly’s website on Friday, April 6th.  If you aren’t a Love Local Partner, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to help the animals of ACCT Philly.  Visit to see adoptable pets, or donate to ACCT Philly at in support of the many lifesaving and enrichment efforts of our shelter.