December 14, 2019 ACCT Philly is issuing a $2,500 reward for information leading to the confirmation of the safety of Max, an unneutered male grey pit bull type dog, who was last seen on December 2nd, 2019.

On December 3rd, staff reported that Max was not in his kennel. Immediately following this, staff alerted management, and after a thorough check, it was confirmed he was not in the building, though the computer system used by ACCT to track animals showed otherwise. He was last seen on the premises on December 2nd.

After several days of speaking to each employee and carefully reviewing ACCT’s security camera footage, no additional information came to light. He was not visible in the footage. During the review of the footage, it became clear the limitations of the current security camera system as several gaps of missing time in the footage were observed.

Since first sharing the news publicly on December 9 about Max’s disappearance, ACCT has not received additional information. Since then, the possibility that this was a computer database issue has been ruled out, meaning it is most likely someone took him from the building.

“We are all concerned about Max and just want to make sure that he’s safe,” said Aurora Velazquez, Executive Director. “We hope that by offering a reward it will encourage people with any information to come forward and help us find him. We are of course also reviewing our protocols to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again and will be looking to upgrade our camera system, but the priority right now is finding Max.”

Anyone with information about Max’s whereabouts is encouraged to e-mail

ACCT Philly will be posting the latest updates about Max on social media and on