This 4th of July weekend is sure to bring lots of fun festivities to your area, from fireworks, to cookouts, to festivals.  But this weekend and the following 4th of July week are going to be extremely hot, and where fireworks are involved, loud, so check out this info and these tips from the city of Philadelphia on how best to keep your pets happy and safe this holiday!

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There are dog-friendly events happening this summer in Philly, including Parks On Tap. Unless you’re at a dog park, you must always keep your dog leashed in public.

When fireworks are going off, dogs and cats can get scared and, in some cases, run out of houses or yards. It’s important to make sure that your pet is secure at home when you know fireworks are about to happen or happening. Be sure to provide comfort when you can because the sounds of summer, be they from fireworks or thunderstorms, can scare our furry friends.

All dogs must be licensed in Philadelphia; those with the new digital “Liberty Licenses” are even easier to find if they are lost.

During times of extreme heat, the City declares a Code Red. During a Code Red, it is illegal to leave a dog tied up outdoors without proper shade from the sun. Violators may face a $500 fine. Call ACCT Philly at 267-385-3800 to report a violation.