This section lists the current, at risk, timestamped dogs. These are dogs who have become at risk for euthanasia on the date they are timestamped  due a medical or behavioral condition that is beyond ACCT’s capacity for care, physical or mental deterioration due to length of stay in the kennel environment, a lack of space to house the animals, or a combination of any of the above.   If you are an approved Love Local Partner and are able to confirm for one of our urgent, Timestamped Canines, please email
**Adoptable Timestamp dogs are also listed in our available for adoption section. If you are a member of the public who wishes to adopt an Adoptable Timestamp dog, please visit ACCT Philly at 111 W Hunting Park Avenue during our adoption hours or email See our required steps for adoption, here. Additionally, we have many dogs who are available for adoption at ACCT Philly, but would also love placement with a Love Local Partner! Please take a look at the rest of our dogs on our page for adoptable dogs


This section lists dogs who have been noted to have medical issues that are believed to be treatable; that are showing in-kennel stress behaviors such as hard barking or leash biting; or that have behavioral history reported from the owner or community at the time of shelter admission, such as minor bite histories (either human or animal) where skin has been broken and a rabies observation was conducted.
Although we will make every effort to time-stamp dogs that have medical issues; or behavioral histories, but that are not considered a risk to the public, we cannot guarantee that dogs listed in this section will be given a Timestamp, as in some instances their health might decline rapidly, or in instances where behavior is the consideration, where their behavior with staff or our housing capacity may result in selection for euthanasia and not formal promotion.