Latest Updates

Letter to the Veterinary Community

May 31, 2019 An open letter to the veterinary community from ACCT Philly’s medical team with additional information on pneumovirus. Read the letter here.

Update on Extended Shutdown

May 31, 2019 Upon advisement from national shelter experts and confirmation that the primary cause of the respiratory illness in the dogs is canine pneumovirus, the shutdown has been extended. ACCT continues to carry through on its strategy of separating healthy stray intake from the main kennel population. ACCT anticipates that it will be able to make a clean break on June 7. Read more here.

May 23, 2019

ACCT partners with PSPCA: ACCT is partnering with the PSPCA in an effort to divert some owner surrendered intake as well as some stray intake. ACCT will continue to take in sick or dangerous owner-surrendered pets, and strays that do not go to PSPCA. In an effort to keep healthy animals from entering ACCT’s general dog kenneling area, ACCT has coordinated with the City’s Office of Emergency Management to arrange for temperature controlled tents set up in the parking lot (and fencing around these tents) for any dogs that must be brought into ACCT. The company Will Scott has also generously donated a temperature controlled trailer for two weeks for smaller healthy in-coming dogs, which arrived on May 23; and provides a place for inoculating the incoming healthy intake. ACCT will be closely monitoring the tents and the trailer.

Thank you

May 19, 2019 We want to thank everyone who has offered support at this difficult time with our temporary two week dog kennel shut down to shelter dogs in place and get our dog population healthy again! We are partnering with the City’s OEM to devise temp shelter for some of our incoming strays, and PSPCA who is helping with owner surrendered pets and strays. Thank you also to Brandywine Valley SPCA which has offered to secure temp space at our site, and as we work through logistics we will confer with them as needed. Thank you to everyone who had donated cleaning supplies, and all manner of donations, and to staff, volunteers, fosters and rescues for continuing to save the lives of our precious pups. 



Fosters Needed

May 19, 2019. With our current URI situation, we NEED fosters without dogs in the home. The shelter is a stressful place for animals so it's a huge help to get the dogs into a place where they can decompress. Learn how you can help by fostering here.



May 18, 2019: Update on Upper Respiratory Infections in Dog Population at ACCT Philly
As reported on May 13, ACCT Philly is attempting to tackle upper respiratory infection (URI) in a number of the dogs in its kennels. Read the full press release here

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the shutdown mean? How can you help? How does the shutdown impact owner surrenders and strays? What about cats? Can you still adopt? Get the answers to all of your questions here

How You Can Help

ACCT Philly needs the community's help during this difficult time, and there are many ways to help! 

Donations: The cost of the additional medical care and testing for the dogs adds up quickly, and every dollar helps. You can make a donation here, and please consider joining our Society for Second Chances by becoming a monthly donor to support our work to save lives year round.

Fosters: Foster homes with no other dogs at home are urgently needed for dogs who have been at the shelter for over a month, and for stray dogs during the shutdown who are unclaimed. Read more about our foster program here and fill out an application here

 are urgently needed for dogs who have been at the shelter for over a month and are not showing clinical signs of illness, and for stray dogs during the shutdown who are unclaimed. 

Supply Donations: Donations of supplies are also encouraged and can be dropped off during business hours. A complete list of needed supplies is available here

Keep in mind there are many ways to donate, host a party for the animals and raise funds for us in your community, make sure to select us as your charity for choice for Amazon Smile and other online shopping sites, host a supply drive at your office, find out if your company has a workplace giving program – these are just a few options, you can see even more on our how to help page here