Kennel Countdown FAQ

How can I help?
Here are the key ways the community can help ACCT Philly right now:

ADOPT: Adopters are needed! All fees are waived for dogs up for adoption at ACCT Philly’s main facility on 111 W Hunting Park Ave beginning Friday, March 13th through March 20th! All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed and come with a $200 voucher toward vet care at VCA.

FOSTER: Whether you are interested in participating in our two-night slumber parties or fostering more long term, it will make a huge difference during this critical time. We hope to place 18 dogs into two-night slumber parties by March 18th. To have a two-night slumber party or to foster, simply come to the Adoptions Office between 1-7pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on weekends. More can be found on the slumber party program here and our general foster program here.  

DONATE: ACCT Philly is very grateful to the city of Philadelphia for covering the cost of the kennels, but we will need continued financial support to further improve the space and facility and our animal care programs. You can make a donation to ACCT Philly here.

SPREAD THE WORD: Follow ACCT Philly on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and tell your friends and family to do the same!

Where will stray dogs go?
All strays who are not medically critical or unstable (i.e. hit by car etc) will be accepted by PSPCA. Strays who are medically critical or unstable will go to ACCT for a medical evaluation. Dogs who come to ACCT during this time frame will be heavily promoted on our communication channels.

What about the dogs currently at ACCT?
We want to find the dogs currently in our care foster or adoptive homes or transfer them to Love Local Partners. We are asking for the community’s support to help us move these dogs out of the shelter and into homes while we have these renovations done that will greatly improve the lives of dogs at the shelter, in addition to staff and volunteers.

What about dogs who don’t find fosters, adopters or rescues by the 21st?
We are really hoping the community will help make this is a non-issue, and that our planning with PSPCA and PAWS, as well as foster push and fee waived adopted will really help minimize the possibility of this. However, we do expect a few stragglers, and any dogs still in the facility at this time will be moved to temporary kennels or have other housing arrangements made as necessary.

Does this mean no dogs will be at ACCT at all during this time?
While that would be ideal, we will be taking some dogs from PSPCA after their stray hold is up, and dogs who are critical or unstable. PAWS will continue to pull dogs from us during this time but we will also be promoting those dogs on our communications channels to try to move them out as quickly as possible.

What about cats? Does this impact cats at all?
ACCT will continue to take in cats as per normal protocol.ACCT will still be accepting cat intakes as normal but our cat population will be shifted to different areas of the building so the work in the kennel area does not disturb them.

I have a dog I need to surrender, what do I do?
In the event of an emergency, please take your dog to the PSPCA, where they will do a medical and behavioral evaluation. Provided the dog passes, the dog will be taken in at PSPCA. If the dog doesn’t pass, please contact the CNKP helpdesk for referrals to rescues or to make an appointment to surrender the dog at ACCT after the kennels have been installed.

What about other services like animal control and the Pet Pantry?
We will not be discontinuing any public services during this time with the exception of diverting intake of dogs.

What floors are being sealed?
The entire kennel space! In addition, the floors in some connecting rooms such as the eval room, grooming room and cat recovery will also be sealed.

Will the drains be fixed?
Yes. Prior to the sealing of the floor, the drain lines will be flushed which should solve the issue of flooding.

What is the timeline?
On March 21st, ShorLine’s team will visit to remove the existing kennels, which should be completed by the end of the day on March 23rd. At this time, public properties will flush all of the drain lines, after which work will begin on sealing the floor. Once the floors are sealed, ShorLine will install the new kennels. It is expected this will be completed no later than April 8th

Will this impact volunteer hours?

Yes. While the hours will not change, certain areas may be limited due to the renovations. However since there will be fewer (hopefully no) dogs, day trips will likely not be possible.