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Update: Here is Teddy, in his new home for the holidays!

Thank you for visiting Teddy and Banjo!

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Teddy is here today, against all odds, because of people like you.

Too sick for illicit sale on the streets by an unscrupulous owner, Teddy and his littermates were cast off, abandoned in a cemetery. They were frightened, under-socialized to people and their skin was raw and painful from untreated mange. They were left in a crate with only the evidence of a haphazard attempt at care (flea collars) around their necks. The outlook wasn’t good.

Not all humans turned their backs on them, however. The heart of the City of Philadelphia beats strong with compassion. While one person let them down, the staff and supporters of ACCT Philly … the heart of the city … did not.

That’s why we are reaching out to you, friend, this holiday season. As an ACCT Philly supporter, you have heart.

You wouldn’t have turned your back on Teddy and his littermates.

You have the compassion we need to create a community where every dog like Teddy has a future, a future where Philadelphia will be a No Kill city.

And because of your support, ACCT Philly – the heart of the city – beats strong. 

When the pups arrived at the shelter, the ACCT Philly medical team jumped in, beginning treatment for their raw skin, providing soothing relief. The lifesaving team, an entire department of people dedicated to getting animals out of the shelter and into loving arms, also sprang to their aid.

Lifesaving staff arrange foster care for dogs like Teddy, reach out to our hundreds of rescue partner organizations and other shelters to transfer ACCT Philly animals into their adoption programs, place animals directly into homes through adoptions and manage and empower an army of volunteers to improve the lives of the animals in the shelter.

Your support of ACCT Philly is the engine of our lifesaving and medical departments. 

Since going into foster care together, Teddy and his brother Banjo have come so far. They are no longer afraid! They’re receiving baths and medications to mend their physical wounds, and their skin is improving greatly. Their favorite treats are milkbones dipped in peanut butter, they adore their squeaky toys and they are even learning how to catch tennis balls!

Most importantly, they’re happy, playful pups who are loved and adored.

Teddy and his littermates were saved. This is what every homeless animal deserves. Whether it’s dogs, cats, guinea pigs or rabbits or any other animal coming into ACCT Philly, they all deserve to live in a world of compassion.

We know this! You know this! It will be a joyous day of celebration when Teddy is adopted. That’s why it’s so critical that we have your support this holiday season. With nearly 10,000 dogs and 20,000 cats, along with almost 2,500 other types of animals coming into the ACCT Philly shelter every year, we need your generosity to save even more lives, creating happy endings filled with love and joy

That’s why, despite being located far from the center of town, with supporters like you, we are truly the heart of the city.

When you make a donation to ACCT Philly you:

  • provide medical care to a sick or injured animal
  • help send an animal into a foster home
  • assist in placing an animal in an adoptive home
  • support a coordinated volunteer program that matches loving hands with an animal in need
  • fund improvement projects to enhance the daily lives of the animals arriving at ACCT Philly
  • and turn what might have been tears of tragedy … into tears of joy

This holiday season; please consider digging deep and giving to the greatest extent you can – for the animals who need you.

Thank you so much dear friend, for caring and thanks for being a part of our team. With you, we are certain that great things will happen for the animals!

With gratitude & hope,

Susan Cosby, Executive Director

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