Help Find Max

UPDATE: MAX IS FOUND! He's now back safe and sound at the shelter. Thank you to everyone who helped us by spreading the word about Max, especially the tipster who saw our Facebook post and contacted us through our tip line. Watch the update here:


Ways you can help:

Please spread the word. Download our flyer and share it in your neighborhood. The best way to hang flyers is to place them in plastic sleeves so that they are not damaged by rain, and to hang them on bulletin boards in local shops and vet clinics as well as on telephone poles. 

Share on social media by retweeting us on twitter and sharing our Facebook post

If you are a member of pet related Facebook groups, please also share our post in those. The more eyes on it the better. 

Timeline and latest updates:

December 1:
Security camera footage shows Max being taken out for walks several times – he has a unique gait that makes him easy to spot on camera.  

December 2: Max was seen in his kennel on the daily rounds done by staff.

December 3: Two of our employees went to leave a surgery slip for Max so that he could go to the Everyday Adoption Center. They discovered that he was not in the kennel and alerted management of this. Around this same time, volunteers also noticed Max was not in his kennel and alerted staff, for which we are very grateful.

December 3 – 12th: We extensively reviewed security camera footage*, all internal records, interviewed with relevant staff and contacted the rescue partners that had pulled a significant number of pets during that time frame to ensure there were no mix ups. There was no indication that Max left our care through normal outcome channels. 
*What was also discovered during these reviews is that ACCT’s camera system experienced technical issues. There are glitches and small jumps in time so not every second is documented. Additionally, recording is triggered by a motion sensor, so it's possible that whatever happened did not trigger the cameras to record. We recognize that we should have known there were problems with our cameras sooner, and have contacted our IT/security company for a quote for an additional camera to cover the loading dock (the one area not covered) as well as a quote for transitioning our cameras from motion sensor to continuous recording.

December 12th: We shared that Max was missing on social media and did Facebook advertising to broaden the reach of the post, which was shared nearly 700 times.
* The delay in sharing this information with the public was due to hoping this was nothing more than a mix up, but we recognize that we should have communicated about it sooner. In addition to instituting daily checks where the population reflected in our computer database is matched against the animals in the building, we’ve also included updated protocols on what step must be taken to locate the animal, including notifying volunteers and the public, with the expediency and urgency the situation warrants.

December 14th: We announced a $2500 reward to information leading to finding Max, sharing with media. We are grateful to CBS3, Philly Inquirer and Fox29 for sharing this information and helping get the message out. 

December 15th: Our Field Services team followed up extensively on a tip, however no additional information or confirmation that Max was ever at the location was found. We continue to follow up on other information we are receiving with the hopes that it will lead us to Max.

December 16th: Max was posted on PawBoost, a site specializing in promoting dogs lost or stolen.

December 17th: In order to streamline tips and hopefully make it easy for people to share them, a specific e-mail, and a tip-line that also allows for texts was created: 267-209-0789. Both are monitored by several staff. Anyone with information can call or text at any time with information.

Facebook ads were also launched to get the information out to a broader audience and this “Find Max” web page was created so that the community could easily get all information and ways they can help in one place.   

December 18th: A Facebook post was done with the newly established tip line and e-mail and promoted through Facebook advertising to broaden its reach. It was shared nearly 3,000 times. 

December 19th: The reward was increased to $4000, and a pet amber alert was ordered for Max through, which does robo calls within a certain mile radius in addition to sending flyers to pet related businesses in the area. Another Facebook post was done to provide an update with the increased reward and share more on what we were doing, The post was shared nearly 3,000 times. 

December 21st: Management staff reviewed video footage from area businesses, unfortunately none showed any dogs resembling Max.

December 23rd and 26th:
Quarter page ads were published in the Philly Metro paper, which reaches more than 100,000 people in Philadelphia.  

Additional images and video of Max below: